Painter, Collagist, Drawer,
Photographer and Sculptor

Morbihan (56), Brittany Region, France

Who am I?

A little, a lot, passionately!

In 1999, it was at the small chapel of Saint-Michel de Locmariaquer, at the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan in southern Brittany, that she exhibited for the first time “self-taught”, she humbly explains, without knowing that she has just struck the first match that will project her, out of her shadow, into the uncertain, unfaithful world of Painting, exposed in full light to the skepticism of those, stricken with agnosia, who believe they possess the Pictorial art and know only the poor rudiments of it.

My Artistic World


Oil, Collage & Silk Sheet

“Your painting sings like the mornings of the world!”
– Anne Chavériat


Alu-Dibond, Plexiglas & Digigraphy

“Work on the material of remarkable quality!”
– Thérèse Le Brun


Pencil and Charcoal

“To trace is already to say”
– Shitao, La saveur du monde, François Cheng


Silver, Zinc, Metal & Wood

“Rebuild and bring various elements to life”
– Stephtout

“Stephtout is instinctive and therefore surprising…”

Marie Thérèse Tavel de Ravet – International Cultural Review “Art and Poetry”

“Light is one of the elements constituting his painting…”

Michel Bernard – French Academy

“Stephtout is endowed with great and incredible power of soul…”

Antonio Malmo – Expert Critic of Modern Art Academy of Rome Italy

“Each painting is born from an emotion experienced, whispered, projected…”

Gaëlle Toutous, Poet

“This painting comes to us from another world…”

Dominique Chapelle – Founding President of the National Federation of French Culture

Art Critics

From the first glance, we are immersed in a staggering reality. Color plays with light and materials with disconcerting fluidity. Experiences, signs of a fleshy practice and a certain technical mastery, mingle with discoveries, seeds of new creations.

The presence of Stephtout’s works imposes itself on us, it grabs us, takes us along the mixed lines… A chaos? An inextricable tangle? A fertile humus certainly, from which emerges a silent beauty and a vital breath. We can feel it as a soft vibration, almost tingling at the back of the skull…

Let yourself be transported by this intoxicating excitement that touches the very essence of everyone’s dignity, with joy and simplicity.

Exhibition Calendar

SAINT PHILIBERT – Exhibition – Espace Méaban
SAINT-BRIEUC – Biennale Painters and Sculptors of Brittany
AURAY – Chapel of the Holy Spirit – 60th International Congress of the Society of Poets and Artists of France
LAUSANNE – Who’s Who International Art Switzerland
BRECH – Flower Chapel Exhibition
PLOUHINEC – Salon de la Ria
BRUSSELS – Futurart Belgium
VANNES – General Council of Morbihan
SAINT NICOLAS DE REDON – Brittany Regional Exhibition and Congress of the Society of Poets and Artists of France

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Painting, Collage, Drawing, Photography And Sculpture

Bookstore And Philately

The works and various creations presented in the gallery are subject to the conditions of sale.
For all information, contact the artist.
The bookstore: On order – design and layout Stephtout

House of Artists No. S406060
Adagp No. 1057343
Siret no. 44889532600016
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STEPHTOUT – Le Portail Guidarts
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STEPHTOUT – Saatchi-gallery Londres



– 2023

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Drouot Lausanne, Switzerland 2023

Permanent Exhibition 2023, Sainte Anne d’Auray

Painter, Collagist, Drawer, Photographer and Sculptor!

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Gulf of Morbihan Week 2023

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