Painter, Collagist, Drawer, Photographer and Sculptor


Morbihan (56), Brittany Region, France

« I »
Of shadow and light
Ephemeral and eternal
With an amused look
of silence

– Stephtout

A little, a lot, passionately !

In 1999, it was at the small chapel of Saint-Michel de Locmariaquer, at the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan in southern Brittany, that she exhibited for the first time. “self-taught”, she humbly specifies, without knowing that she has just struck the first match that will project her, out of her shadow, into the uncertain, unfaithful world of Painting, exposed in full light to sepsis. of those, stricken with agnosia, who believe they possess the Pictorial Art and know only the poor rudiments of it.
Today, Stephtout paints, again, and again, and again… carried away by an unfailing enthusiasm, by an inspiration that she takes, picks, mows, steals, smells with all her being before expiring it on the canvas like the exhalation of perfumes and scents of multiple colors issued from each fiber of his exalted body. In his confident hands, the brushes are subjected to the test of the fire of creativity, powerless to master this intense inferno, won over by this demonic instinct of divinatory jubilation. Unending.

Each achievement resuscitates a privileged moment of intense and unique emotion. I present to you this vision imbued with beauty, truth and strength.

– Stephtout

Atypical “unclassifiable” painter

There is in each of his paintings, a romantic lyricism expressed like a cantata whose voices would rise in tune with the tear to then vanish on a single note. This Finistère, proud of it, draws from the earth, water, fire, wind, the very symbolism of the Triskel of her Breton land, materials to express herself and ignite.
She creates according to her inspiration, her “flashes”, her moods. She touches everything and succeeds in everything she touches. Each of his creations is an innovation, an exclusivity, the expression of an unfulfilled passion. Everyone can draw water from this inexhaustible source.
Yes, it is undeniable, unavoidable, indisputable, Stephtout is now part of the global artistic landscape.

They look like satellites orbiting in the same system. His art is part of the Stephtout galaxy! A microcosm that gives pride of place to the “I” of his mythology as an artist.

– Jean-Louis Avril , Univers des Arts


In search of innovative sensations, curious, always on the lookout for the picturesque, for a revealing click, Stephtout took up photography, mastering the lens with, again, a rare mastery, a sense of shadows and lights, depth of field, work on the material of remarkable quality, revealing through the image an impressive artistic visual sensitivity and acuity.

Avant-garde photographer or artist, there is no reason to believe in a possible reconversion, far from it, painter with brushes, with all his soul and all his being…

–  Thérèse Trannoy-Le Brun, Freelance writer, Excerpt “Ébauche d’une biographie”


Free, an artist, passionate…
Other people’s paintings don’t interest me. I don’t want to be influenced. I want to keep my ability to create intact. I do group exhibitions sometimes, but the other paintings, I don’t want to see them. I do not want. It’s done so quickly. Someone is painting something. This thing is nice. A week later, everyone starts painting stuff like that. It’s becoming fashionable. I hate fashion.
No I’m free. Painting is simple, it’s easy. I’m not looking for anything. I don’t think. No need. I have no more head. It’s here. It just comes. It’s obvious. It is not said, it is not sought, it is painted.
I don’t do anything extraordinary. I may not be making this up, but I don’t want to know. Let me express myself in peace.
Plenitude, carelessness, serenity, humility…only happiness!
Creation is a path, and in this path, I advance, I advance. Only.
I’m going to make a confession to you: in my life before, I was very square, reasonable, orderly, no doubt rigid…Since I’ve been painting, I’ve been unpredictable, messy, things go wild, all over the place…And it’s good like this.
Painting is something that will not be taken away from me.

News from M.A.C (Museum of Contemporary Art) – Theater –
Stephtout joins the “Vinogen” Company

– Armel Mandart

Honors and Awards

– Medal of the City of Brec’h / 2020
– Gold Cross 2016 from the International Academy of French Merit and Dedication / 2016
– Vermeil Medal 2015 from the European Institute of Contemporary Arts / 2015
– Rubens International Art Prize – Lecce Italy / 2015
– Gold Medal and Trophy – S.P.A.F and Grenier des Artistes Saint-Malo / 2015
– Vermeil Medal of the Academic Society “Arts-Sciences-Lettres” Paris / 2014
– Member of the European Institute of Contemporary Arts / 2014
– Medal of the City of Pluvigner / 2013
– Vermeil Cross of Merit and French Devotion – Art / 2007
– Academic Commander – International Academy » Greci-Marino » Verbano Academy of Letters, Arts and Sciences Italy / 2007
– “Confirmed Talents” Winner of the Grand Prix of French and Foreign Distinctions / 2007
– Grand Gold Medal of French Cultural Merit / 2006
– Accademico di Santarita ad Honorem per l’ordine Arti “Michelangelo Buonarroti” / 2006
– Medal of the City of Locmariaquer / 2005
– Vermeil Medal of French Cultural Solidarity / 2004